October 7, 2017
October 5, 2017

Event Highlights

Registration Start Date: October 07, 2017
Registration End Date: October 22, 2017

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Team Size: 2-3

Prizes Worth: Rs. 38,000
Winner of Each Online Round: Rs. 1,000
Winner: Rs. 20,000
Runner-up: Rs. 15,000

Points of Contact
1. Vinayak Pathak - vinayak.pathak.2017@iimu.ac.in, 9911726157
2. Liza Pathak - liza.pathak.2017@iimu.ac.in, 7896392313

Event Description

Headrush consists of 3 online rounds and 1 offline on-campus round. Teams of 2-3 members are allowed. Each round will test knowledge of different domains.
The first three rounds will act as elimination for the final offline round. The winner of each of the three rounds + the top three cumulative winners will be called for the final round. Thus, a total of 6 teams will compete in Round 4. Results of the three initial rounds will be declared on 28th October, 2017.

Headrush is a series of quizzes that will consist of four rounds.
Round 1: Literary and cultural (online). To be held on 23rd October 2017.
Round 2: MESA (Music, Entertainment, Sports, Art) (online). To be held on 24th October 2017.
Round 3: General Awareness (online). To be held on 25th October 2017.
Grand finale: Offline at IIMU, Business quiz. To be held during Solaris.

• The online quizzes consist of 20 questions which have to be answered within 20 minutes
• Each team will have 2-3 members
• The winner of each online round will be awarded Rs. 1000 and will be given a chance to compete in the final round
• The top 3 cumulative high scorers of the online rounds will also be given a chance to compete in the final round
• A total of 6 teams will compete in the final round for a total prize money of Rs. 35,000

Judging Criteria
Round 1, 2, and 3 will be objective quizzes. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 points and each incorrect answer will draw a penalty of 1 point. The team with the highest score will be declared as the winner. In case of a tie, the team with fewer number of penalties will be chosen as the winner.
The rules of Round 4 will be declared on the day of the competition.

The organizing committee holds the power to alter rules at any given point in order to accommodate any unavoidable situations. The decision of the organizing committee shall be final.