October 5, 2017
Sell Your Profile
October 5, 2017

Event Highlights

Registration Start Date: October 04, 2017
Registration End Date: October 14, 2017

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Team Size: 2 Members

Prizes Worth: Rs. 15,000
Winner: Rs. 10,000
Runner up: Rs. 5,000

Points of Contact
1. Artika Verma -, 9919332505
2. Puja Soni -, 9230029978
3. Sarthak Anand -, 7376819693

Event Description

Round 1
A poster is to be created taking 2 characters from 2 different T.V. series. The teams should link the characters create a story and work towards selling them.

Rules for Round 1
• The team should consist of 2 members
• The 2 characters should be selected from only English T.V. shows
• The characters should belong to shows of different genres
• The poster should be messaged to MarClan’s facebook page before the deadline
• The poster will be shared on the page by MarClan
• To determine the total score 50% weightage will be given to the number of likes and shares each poster gets and 50% weightage will depend on judge’s discretion
• The decision of MarClan is final and cannot be challenged

Dates and Deadlines
Event go live on: 15/10/17
Submissions: 22/10/2017
Results on: 29/10/2017

Round 2
Shortlisted teams create (or shoot) an advertisement campaign on any social cause that they deem fit and run it on social websites. They have to tag MarClan in each of the post that they share. #MarClan and #ThinkMarClan can be used; teams can come up with any innovative hashtags.
They can explain their thoughts through posters or videos. They will have to send a compiled file in the form of presentations (2-3 slides) outlining their positioning strategy, target group for the ad and any other advertisement elements that they wish to explain, at the end of the campaign.
The round specific instructions and rules will be shared in detail with the registered teams.

Dates and Deadlines
Events go live on: 30/10/2017
Results on: 11/11/2017

Judging Criteria for Round 1
ROUND 1 - Creativity and innovation and effectiveness of message
ROUND 2 - Creativity, advertising message, visual composition & cinematography