October 13, 2017
Udaipur Runs
October 12, 2017

Event Highlights

Registration Start Date: October 07, 2017
Registration End Date: October 20, 2017

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Team Size : 1-3

Prizes Worth: Rs 17,000

Points of Contact
1. Shrivastava Mohit - mohit.shrivastava.2017@iimu.ac.in, 9974397579
2. Aditya Tote - aditya.tote.2017@iimu.ac.in, 9604918560

Event Description

An event that will put your brains on an analytical race beyond the conventional operations concepts.

Round 1
Online Quiz: This round will test the knowledge of the general concepts of operations and supply chain management.
• Teams have to complete the game within the stipulated time
• Online quiz will be held on 20.10.2017, 22:00 hours
• Additional instructions and link will be shared on the Facebook page of Solaris and SKEIN by 15th Oct 21:00 hours. Teams are requested to follow the Facebook pages to be updated on the events
Solaris IIMU Skein IIMU • Top 3 teams of this round will be awarded with a cash prize upto Rs. 3000
• All the teams which appear this round will proceed to the next round

Round 2
Puzzle Quiz Competition: A Puzzle Quiz which will be shared with the shortlisted teams. The teams have to solve the Quiz and then according to that complete the puzzle. The competition will feature a blank or partially filled Sudoku grid. Questions will be given and each question will point towards one or more coordinate on the puzzle. The questions will be featured from the Operation, SCM, Marketing, Finance and Business. The more questions you solve, easier the puzzle becomes.
• Online quiz will be held on 23.10.2017, 22:00 hours
• Teams have to answer the questions and submit the same within the stipulated time
• Top 3 teams of this round will be awarded with a cash prize upto Rs. 3000
• Shortlisting will be based on the scores of the round 2 solely

Round 3
Simulation Game: The teams will have to play a fun filled game that will test the integrated knowledge of strategy and execution of the processes involved in the supply chain management.
• This round will be held on 29-10-2017
• Additional instructions regarding the simulation game would be communicated via email
• List of finalists will be declared on 03-11-2017, 22:00
• Prizes up to Rs. 11,000 will be awarded to the top performers

Dates and Deadlines
20-10-2017 22:00 - Round 1 Online Quiz 1
22-10-2107 22:00 - Round 1 Result declaration
23-10-2017 22:00 - Round 2 Online Quiz 2
25-10-2017 22:00 – Round 2 Result declaration
29-10-2017 22:00 - Round 3 Simulation Game
03-11-2017 22:00 - Round 3 Result declaration

• Each team can comprise of 1-3 member(s). Team members can be of 1st year or 2nd year students
• Members must be the student of 2-year full-time MBA or full-time Executive MBA
• All members of a team should be from the same institute
• All information will be shared only with the Team Leader
• Teams who do not adhere to the rules and regulations will be disqualified
• The decision of the organizers will be final and binding in all scenarios

Judging Criteria
The top teams in each round will be selected for the further rounds.