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October 5, 2017
September 30, 2017

Event Highlights

Registration Start Date: November 05, 2017
Registration End Date: November 10, 2017

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Team Size: 2-3

Prizes Worth: Rs. 15,000
Winner: Rs. 10,000
Runner up: Rs. 5,000

Point of Contact
Apoorv Chandra - apoorv.chandra.2017@iimu.ac.in, 9636122736, 8004278831 (WhatsApp)

Event Description


The Event is an offline on campus quiz. The event registration will open on November 5th and close on November 10th . The quiz will consist of basic questions on data analytics for the first round. The number of teams qualifying for round 2 will be based on the number of teams that will register. The number of members allowed per team would be 2 to 3 members. Each team would be judged at the end of the event by the total points scored at the end of round 3. In case of tie round 3 would be extended with increased difficulty. Prize will be distributed after the event.

Rounds – 3 rounds
Round 1: 20 questions per team on Data Analytics with 2 points each. It will be an elimination round.
Round 2: Individual team will get 3-word clouds to answer with passes to other team if answer is incorrect (See fig 1)
Round 3: 6 questions with same word cloud but with higher difficulty level (buzzer round)

• The Quiz consists of 20 questions. Round two will have 3 Questions per team.
• Round three will have 6 questions common to all teams The Judges’ decision shall be final in all matters pertaining to participation and organization of the competition
• Each team to consist of 2-3 members

Judging Criteria
Round 1: 2 points for each question (5 teams will qualify to Round 2)
Round 2: +20 points for correct answer and 10 points for pass question
Round 3: +50 for each correct answer and -20 points for incorrect with no pass
Team with highest points in round two and round three will be declared winner
In case of a tie, the team with a higher score in round 1 will be the winner. If still the tie exists, Round 3 will be extended by 1-2 questions for the tied teams

Person from Different Institutes/ Organization can also participate