October 1, 2017
September 30, 2017

Event Highlights

Registration Start Date: October 01, 2017
Registration End Date: October 24, 2017

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Team Size: 2-3

Prizes Worth: Rs. 50,000 [Best Ideator and Best Pitcher]

Point of Contact
Tapish Kardam -, 9871461306

Event Description


Participants will register for the event in teams of 3 by identifying themselves as either Ideators or Pitchers.
The registration will be followed by a preliminary round of online quiz – a different set for the ideator and pitcher teams. Shortlisted ideators will be required to send to us their business ideas, minimum 1 and maximum 3, in the form of PPT/s.
On the Day 1 of the competition at IIM Udaipur, ideator teams will sell these ideas to the Pitcher teams.
The pitcher teams will bid for the ideas they like and finally purchase one. The Pitcher teams will further work on the business ideas and turn them into business plans by branding the idea, adding financials etc.
On Day 2, pitcher teams will then present to ideas to the panel and will seek funding. Each pitch will be evaluated on multiple criteria.
At the end it, prizes of Rs. 25,000 each will be given to the Best Ideator and the Best Pitcher team.

Rounds – 4 rounds (online quiz, submission of PPT, bidding for Ideators’ ideas, pitching to the panel)
Round 1: Quiz
Round 2: PPT Based and Video based Selection
Round 3: Bidding [10th November, 2017]
Round 4: Pitching [11 th November, 2017]

• Round 1: Ideators and Pitchers Different Set of Question [20 Minutes: 30 Questions]
• Round 2: Submission of Ideation Pitch and Submission of Video by Pitchers describing his past experience in pitching or knowledge of what all goes behind pitching
• Round 3: Bidding [Rules to be decided] [10 Min PPT followed by bidding]
• Round 4: Pitching by Pitchers [10 Min Pitching]

Judging Criteria
Will be discussed and finalised with the final panel [Based on Idea, Pitching, Communcation, Confidence, and Logical Conclusion]

Person from Different Institutes/ Organization can also participate

Submission Details
Quiz and PPTs to be submitted online | Pitching PPT to be submitted online