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Solaris is the annual management fest of IIM Udaipur. The young minds of IIM Udaipur introduced it in 2015, intending to create a platform where the nation’s bright and genius minds gather and share their ideologies and notions gained from the experiences. 

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur is one of the fastest-growing B-Schools in India. Inaugurated in 2011 with an objective to carry the legacy of older IIMs forward, IIM Udaipur desires to achieve new heights by excelling in the field of management education and research. We aim to become a globally recognized management school by 2030, and we are assured of achieving the feat. 

Theme for Solaris 2022 – Alchemizing Innovations

Innovation has become a significant way to combat critical social risks and challenges. It has changed not just how businesses are perceived but also how they are performed. An elite B-School with student-run activities thrives on transformation and innovations. The representation of this facet is what Solaris is all about. Our theme encapsulates how the adoption of imaginative innovation changes people’s lives, reshapes society’s structure, and spawns’ consequent innovations. We hope that discussing these aspects will prepare dynamic MBAs for their career ahead in their dream industry. We believe that Alchemizing Innovations was the central feature of our theme last year, “Synchronizing Horizons,” because achieving goals is impossible without innovation.