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Economics: Econ-Writing

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The event is a single round article writing competition, a part of PIE contest in Solaris: Annual Management Fest of IIM Udaipur. It is an individual contest, where a participant has to write an article on any one of the following topics and submit them. 

Participants can write articles on any of the following topics:

  1. Privatizing profit making public sector enterprises, good or bad idea?
  2. Low wage and income inequality remains key factors in India’s development story
  3. Financial literacy is key to financial inclusion
  4. WTO policies worked against the interest of emerging nations like India
  5. India’s huge energy import bill, and way out from it
  6. Trade Wars – Economic or Geopolitical?
  7. Can the power of the market reduce inequality effectively rather than government intervention?
  8. Culture changes with economic development
  9. (Word Limit – 800-1000 words(max), excluding charts, graphs, tables, and annexures)