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HR: Blitz

HR Blitz, proudly organized by dHRuva – The HR Club of IIM Udaipur, is more than just a competition; it’s a dynamic platform for the vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas from diverse perspectives. Comprising three engaging rounds, HR Blitz is designed to challenge and empower the HR enthusiasts of tomorrow.

Round 1: Rapid Fire

The first round will be an online quiz based on the concepts and general information related to HR. Participants answering it in the shortest possible time will be considered for further rounds. Only the team leader is required to take the quiz.

Round 2: HR Mania

Moving forward to the second round, candidates enter the world of online case studies. Here, they are tasked with presenting innovative solutions to real-world HR challenges. The shortlisted teams, demonstrating their exceptional problem-solving skills, are challenged to present their case study solutions through dynamic and engaging presentations, putting their strategic thinking and innovative solutions on full display. Three different cases have been presented for this round, and each team must select one of them to create a comprehensive case study. Once you’ve chosen your case, please provide a detailed analysis and propose a solution for it. Students are expected to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of five slides, excluding the introductory and concluding slides, for the provided cases.

Round 3: HR Whiz

The shortlisted candidates are expected to be present virtually for the final round. They will be provided with a Zoom link. The contestants must present on a case that they had analysed for the second round and present their analysis on the case to a panel, which will be evaluated based on creativity, content, and practical applicability. Also, find the instructions for round 3 below. Teams will be required to mail us their presentations. Teams must present before a panel of judges through the Zoom platform. Teams that have attempted both cases in round 2 are restricted to present only 1 case. All teams will be given 10 minutes to present before the panelists. The presentation should be in a PPT format and should provide a solution for the case. No team will be given extra time for the presentation. The timings and Link for the second round will be provided shortly through mail. All decisions taken by Judges are final.