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Are you a science fiction enthusiast? Put yourself in the shoes of a sci-fi company such as LexCorp or a Galactic Mining Company marketing head, and this time, use your technology for good – choose a fictional/futuristic product to solve a real-life consumer need. Marcwars will test your ability to create a promotion strategy for fictional products from your favourite movies, tv-shows, video games, and books.

Total prize money : INR 20000 /-

Team Size: 2-3 members

Details of Rounds:

Round 1: 

Online Quiz : The quiz will test the marketing and brand knowledge related to the fictional/Sci-Fi theme.

Rules and Regulations :

  • The registration slot is open from 18th September to 1st October (Tentative) and the quiz is going to be held on 2nd October (Tentative).
  • There will be 15 questions of high difficulty level which needs to be answered within 30 minutes.
  • The questions would be in the form of caselets with fictional/Sci-Fi theme.
  • The shortlisting criteria for the teams to be selected for next round will be based on highest scorers.
  • The result will be declared on 4th October.
Round 2: 

In this particular round, teams have to formulate a marketing communications strategy for a fictional product of their choice in response to a specified context/situation.

Rules and regulations :

  • The round will be organized from 5th October to 20th October (Tentative).
  • Judging will be done based on the creativity and quality of the content. 
  • Participants are expected to explain the chosen product’s USP and devise a communication strategy demonstrating how it will aid in the given context. 
  • Submission must be made in the form of a PPT. 
  • An accompanying video/poster submission is optional and brownie points might be provided depending upon the quality of the submission.
Round 3: 

 Pitch to judges – Teams will be quizzed about their fictional product by the judges who would act as institutional buyer.


  • A team must consist of 2 or 3 members.
  • Team members must be of the same college.
  • A team may comprise 1st-year or 2nd-year MBA students and/or a mix of both, and undergraduate students of any discipline.
  • A team member cannot register in more than one team.
  • In case of discrepancies, the decision of the judges/event organizers will be final.
  • No extensions of deadlines will be entertained.
  • No change in the team structure is allowed after the team is registered.
  • The timeline for the round is from 30th October to 31st October.

Organizers Contact:

Time: 4hrs