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HR: HRidya

HRidya is organized by Dhruva, the HR Club of IIM Udaipur, as a part of Solaris 2022, the Annual Management Fest of IIM Udaipur.

Round 1:  Rapid Fire

The first round will be an online quiz based on the concepts and general information related to HR. Participants answering it in the shortest possible time will be considered for further rounds.

Round 2:  Picturesque

The second round will be a unique online event where the contestants will be given an image, and they are expected to describe a situation based on the image, relating it to appropriate HR concepts/terminology. Selection for the final round will be based on the scores obtained in this round.

Round 3: HRMania

In the third round, the participants will be given a short video of around 2 minutes. The to identify the corresponding human resource concept and provide a suitable recommendation for the same through a video submission of around 5 minutes.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Each team must comprise of 2-3 members.
  • All B-School students are eligible to participate in this event.
  • All the members of the team should be from the same institute.
  • Both 1st year & 2nd-year students are eligible.
  • Teams can be a mix of 1st & 2nd-year students irrespective of the specialization.
  • There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute.
  • There is no restriction on the number of events a team can participate in Solaris.
  • Rules of the contest are binding, and all decisions of the organizers will be final.