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Consulting: Ingenium

This is a competition based on strategizing where students all over the country can showcase their decision-making and consulting acumen while competing with the best brains. The competition will be testing varied skill sets of all the participants and will be taking place over three rounds. The shortlisted teams at the end of each round will be invited to participate in the forthcoming rounds i.e., each round will be an elimination round

Rounds 1: Quiz

The first round consists of a Decision-Making Quiz that will test general business acumen.

Rounds 2: Business Problem Discussion (Guesstimate)

Shortlisted teams will be given the opportunity to step into the shoes of a consultant and solve a current business issue that requires participants to think on their toes in a group discussion setup. The teams will be given a guesstimate to solve. The submission link will be provided in the mails sent to the shortlisted candidates.

Rounds 3: Case study Submission & Presentation

Shortlisted teams will advance to the final round, where they will be given a case study and will present (through an online platform) the complete case solution in front of the jury.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • The competition is open to all students pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate degrees
  • Team size: 3 students per team
  • No participant should be a member of more than one team
  • No Plagiarism will be tolerated, any team found doing so will be disqualified
  • Only one response per team will be entertained
  • You cannot modify your answer post submission
  • In the event of a dispute, the organizer’s and judging panel’s decisions shall be final