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Entrepreneurship: Saudagar

Saksham, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur, presents Saudagar, an interactive and engaging B-Plan event that brings out the ideator in you. Participants engage in activities that help them develop their ideation and pitching skills—keeping them entertained through an intense yet fun auction.

Round 1: Treasure Hunt

Quiz in the form of an online treasure hunt that tests your business acumen and general knowledge about start-ups.

Round 2: B-Plan and PPT Submission

Shortlisted teams after round 1 will be required to send PPTs explaining their ideas. PPTs are mandatory, while Video Submission is not mandatory, but it will increase the chances of selection. Further details would be sent through the mail to the shortlisted teams.

Round 3: Pitch Perfect

Present your B-plan. Participate in the Auction Game! Bid for the ideas from those presented by fellow participants, build on them, and showcase your pitching skills. In return, gain others’ perspectives on your idea.