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TRIATHLON: Be creative, concise and clear

Triathlon is a part of Solaris 2021-22, the Management festival of IIM Udaipur. Triathlon will be a unique marketing marathon of three unconnected rounds which will require you to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions. The rounds will be a step away from the normal marketing competition and are connected to your day-to-day life. To be the ultimate champion, you need to conquer all the three rounds.

Total prize money : INR 10000/-

Team Size:

2-3 members

Details of the rounds :

Round 1: 

The first round will be a crossword that will test contestants on brand awareness and basic marketing concepts.

Rules and Regulations :

  • The registration slot will tentatively be open from 20th September to 1st October.
  • The quiz is going to be held on 10th October tentatively. 
  • There will be 12 questions and the duration for the quiz will be 15 minutes with extra 5 minutes as buffer time.
  • The difficulty level of the quiz will be moderate to difficult and the shortlisting criteria will be based on the scores obtained. For candidates with equal scores, teams taking less time will be prioritized.
  • The results will be declared tentatively on 11th October.
Round 2: 

The Great Indian Festival Connect: “The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.” India is a land of many cultures where different festivals are celebrated throughout the year. So, we will provide candidates a combination of a festival and a value attached with each festival, using which they have to market a product that satisfies the criteria. Participants are expected to explain why they have chosen the specific product and devise a marketing strategy connecting the product, festival, and value.

Rules and Regulations :

  • Submissions will be made in the form of PPT, and participants will be judged based on the creativity and quality of the content. 
  • Along with the PPT, participants are allowed to give an optional video or poster, and brownie points will be awarded depending upon the quality of the submission.
  • The submission timeline is from 12th October to 22nd October and the result will be announced on 24th October.
Round 3: 


There are various stereotypes that are imbibed in our society, and we believe it’s time to break those. Teams are required to come up with marketing solutions that can help achieve the mentioned objectives. The candidates will be judged on creativity, content, and clarity of their thoughts. The final round would be judged by a professor of IIM Udaipur.

Examples for reference are –

  1. Cleaning Products are generally associated with females, as if it is always the females who are responsible for house chores. Come up with a stereotype of a similar kind that you think needs to be changed.
  2. Choose a product that can break the stereotype and come up with a proper marketing strategy that will break the stereotype.
  3. Find the medium for marketing your product and choose an appropriate personality that you want to get involved with (fictitious characters will also work).

Timeline- 30th-31st October

Event Coordinators: