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Economics: Vaad-Vivad

About the Event: Vaad-Vivaad is the annual national debate competition held by PiE – The Economics Club of IIM Udaipur, to test the practical application of economic concepts and debating skills of students across B Schools and Undergrad colleges of India. The competition is an excellent opportunity to participate and test your understanding of Economics and current affairs against some of the country’s best minds.

Prizes worth ₹42000!

Team Size:

2 Members


  • B-school students
  • Undergraduate students

Region: India

Event Coordinators:

Details of Rounds:

Round 1: 

Pictionary: Online Pictionary on D2C of 20 minutes to test the understanding of basic Economics concepts and some current affairs.

Prize: Top 4 teams will get IIM U-PiE merchandise of ₹600 each.

Round 2: 

Crack the case: Caselets based on situations and current affairs will be provided to the candidates, and they will have to answer in as concise a manner as possible. This round will test the practical application of concepts.

Prize: Top 6 teams of round 2 will get a cash prize of ₹1200 each.

Round 3: 

Speak it up: This is the final debate and extempore round. The topics of the debate will be shared with the winners of Round 2 in due course of time. The details are as follows:

  • One-minute extempore
  • Five-minute analysis of the topic by each team
  • Panel discussions (jury and fellow competitors questioning the point of view of competitors)

Prize: The top three teams would receive certificates and cash prizes of ₹16000, ₹10000, and ₹6000, respectively.


  1. Teams must consist of 2 members 
  2. Both the members of the team should be from the same institute 
  3. The details of each round will be shared with the registered candidate through Email in due course of time 
  4. Students from B Schools and UG Colleges can apply
  5. No participant can be a part of more than one team
  6. Prizes for round two winners will be awarded if and only if they attend Round 3. If the team is unable to participate in Round 3, the opportunity will be passed to the team ranked just below 
  7. Teams who do not adhere to the rules and regulations will be disqualified
  8. The final debate will be judged by external judges. Their decision will be final and binding
  9. In case of any dispute, the decision of the organizing team will be final and binding