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Finance : Vitt Sangram – 2022

About the Event : Vitt-Sangram is a battle wherein you win based on your financial intellect and grit by going through a series of tests against the best minds of the country. It starts with a preliminary quiz round followed by a challenging case study. The event has seen remarkable participation in the past from students across B Schools all over the country. This year, the battle is going to be more challenging and rewarding than last year. So, is the finance enthusiast within you ready to fight and prove your mettle? We invite you to participate and showcase your finance fury to the world.

Team Size:

Minimum:2, Maximum:3

Competition process and overview 

Round 1:  

Quiz on financial concepts

In this round participant will have to attempt a quiz consisting of 30 questions, all MCQs in 30 minutes. The questions will test the participants on their understanding of financial concepts such as financial statement analysis, ratio analysis and accounting. The top 50 teams, who score the highest in the quiz, would qualify for the next round and have the chance to progress in the competition. 

Questions: 30, Time: 20 mins 

Only one person from each team will attempt the quiz

Video proctoring of the exam should be done

There is no specific order that a test taker has to follow, they can go back and forth through the questions

Round 2:

Submission of equity research report and recommendation on a public company

50 teams will participate in this round and each team will have to select a public company to analyse and produce an equity research report on the public company. The report must have industry analysis, analysis of the company’s business and business prospects, analysis of the financial statements, ratio analysis, projections of financial statements and valuation of the company. The teams must also submit a spreadsheet file containing the calculations used. 

Submissions :

  • Research report – word or pdf file 
  • Spreadsheet – google sheets or excel spreadsheet
Round 3:

Presentation of the research and recommendations to panel 

The top eight teams from round 2 will qualify for this final round. The teams will have to present their research and recommendation to a panel of judges consisting of faculty members of IIM Udaipur. The teams will have to submit a set of slides that they would be presenting beforehand. The judges will judge the presentations based on a set of evaluation criteria and decide on the winners.