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Auctionnaire is a place where every bidder competes. So, bid with surety and win with honour.

Ever wondered how strategic bidding makes marketing easy? Do IPL auctions interest you? Do you understand the value of a celebrity brand image? Ever wondered why bidding and winning are correlated? This event tests your knowledge and understanding of the industry along with a simulation of the real-time auction and your ability to channelize your bidding for fulfilling a marketing challenge. So, gear up to participate in the flagship event of MarClan, The Marketing Club of IIM Udaipur.

Total prize money – INR 35000 /-

Team Size: 2-3 members

Details of Rounds:

Round 1: 

Online Quiz: The quiz will test the basic marketing and brand knowledge of the participants.

Rules and Regulations :

  • The slot for registration is from 20th September to 5th October and the quiz is going to be held on 6th October.
  • There will be 25 questions which need to be completed within 25 minutes having a buffer time of 5 minutes.
  • The difficulty level for the quiz is from moderate to difficult.
  • The shortlisting criteria for the next round will be based on the highest scorers.
  • The results will be declared on 7th October.
Round 2: 

In this particular round, teams have to formulate a marketing communications strategy for a fictional product of their choice in In this particular round,participants will be given a real-life business scenario. Contestants will have to analyze the problem, provide a solution, and devise a marketing strategy. The criteria for selection will be based on the creativity, feasibility and quality of the content.

Rules and regulations :

  • The round will be organized from 5th October to 20th October (Tentative).
  • Judging will be done based on the creativity and quality of the content. 
  • Participants are expected to explain the chosen product’s USP and devise a communication strategy demonstrating how it will aid in the given context. 
  • Submission must be made in the form of a PPT. 
  • An accompanying video/poster submission is optional and brownie points might be provided depending upon the quality of the submission.

Submission Date: 8th – 20th October (Tentative)

Result: 25th October

Round 3:  It will be held offline/online and will be a simulation of a real-time auction.


  • A team must consist of 3 members
  • Team members must be of the same college
  • A team may comprise of 1st year or 2nd-year students and/or a mix of both
  • A team member cannot register in more than one team
  • In case of discrepancies, the decision of the judges/event organizers will be final
  • No extensions of deadlines will be entertained
  • No change in the team structure is allowed after the team is registered
  • Timeline- 30th-31st October

Organizers Contact:

Time: 4hrs