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Finance : The Ultimate Statement

Team Size:

Minimum:2, Maximum:3

Round 1: Quiz on financial concepts

In this round participant will be tested on various financial concepts like ratio analysis, analysis of financial statements, valuation and accounting. The quiz will consist of 30 questions and the time given to attempt the quiz will be 30 minutes. Only one member of each team will be allowed to take the quiz. The quiz should be proctored through video.

Round 2: Searching for the ultimate statement 

The top 50 participants from the first round would be allowed to participate in the second round. In this round participant are supposed to search for the ultimate set of financial statements. i.e., they are supposed to decide which company according to them has the best financials in the world. Teams will also have to justify why they believe the company they chose has the best financials. They will have to show why the company they chose is dominant, secure, growing, profitable, well-managed, financially optimised and so on.  Teams are free to choose any publicly traded company in the world. 

Some things to keep in mind- Teams have to use only the recent 3 years’ financial data of the company and notes to accounts of the companies to justify their choice. They can use the basic business lines, revenue streams and business model information to augment their points. 

Teams are not supposed to use industry information, macroeconomic data or microeconomic data, recent quarterly financial statements or latest developments occurring after the end of the last financial year of the company.  

Teams will be judged on the depth and volume of information/inferences teams are able to derive from the statements and the strength of the arguments they present to establish the correctness of their choice of company. 

Submission 1 – ppt or report about the analysis – mandatory

Submission 2 – excel sheet of the calculations done if any

Round 3: Presentation to a panel of judges 

The top 8 teams from round 2 will be allowed to participate in this round. The finance faculty of IIMU will form the judging panel.  Teams will present their choice of company that has the best financials and justify their choice in front of judges. Their presentation will be judged on the basis of depth of analysis, inferences drawn from statements, the strength of their arguments and a major portion of the evaluation will be on which team has selected the company with the best financials relative to competing teams.  The teams are allowed to choose a different company from the one they chose in round 2 for this round if they wish to do so.